Monday, November 26, 2012

Kundan rangolis

The latest fad is rangolis made out of kundan stones. How could I not try my hand at it? here's a step by step account of how I made my first kundan rangoli. Hope you enjoy looking at it, as much as I enjoyed making this.

Things needed:

1. OHP sheet
2. fabric glue
3.Kundan stones
4. gold coloured beaded chain
5. half pearls

1. Draw the desired shape on a OHP(transparent) sheet.

2. These are some stone used in the making of this rangoli. Different combinations can be used. I drew the design on paper first to get a feel of how it would look.

3. use fabric glue to stick the various pieces as per the design.
the centre piece
the kundan stones being laid around the centre piece

adjusting the stones to fit
similarly the petals around the centre piece is crafted
I have made 6 such petals
Ta da!! the kundan rangoli is ready!!

another piece with different combination of stones